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We are inspired by beauty, creativity, imagination, visualisation and other artistic ways of engaging with the natural world.

Here we display inspiring artists or specific oak-related artworks.


Rosemary Mafrici's work is available for sale.

Please get in touch if you have oak-related art you would like to be included


Carl Friedrich Lessing
b. 1808 (Breslau), d. 1880 (Karlsruhe) Germany

Die Tausendjährige Eiche

The Thousand Year Old Oak


Oil on canvas, 123.0 x 165.7cm

Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main

Carl Friedrich Lessing

Oak Forest

February 1837

Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main

Calke Oak.jpeg

Oak Tree

Oil on canvas, 152 x 122cm

(Calke Abbey)

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