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We are delighted to be partnering with the University of Oxford for the creation of a new pasture woodland, to be named Bear Wood, a historic name for the land. It will be adjacent to, and part of, the world-famous Wytham Woods, one of the most scientifically well-studied places on Earth.


Collecting acorns

In September 2022, we collected acorns from two large maiden English oaks (Quercus robur) (one pictured left).


Both trees are over 7m in girth, measured at a  height of c. 1.5m above ground level, giving an estimated age of around 550 to 580 years.


they dwell in Kirtlington Park, an ancient pasture woodland with many veteran and ancient oaks, c. 12 miles from Wytham.


Around 1100 acorns were presented  to the Conservator of Wytham Woods at the end of October.


Friends and supporters of Wytham Woods can then make a donation to receive an acorn, to grow on in a pot for a year, or they can purchase a ready-grown oakling for planting in Bear Wood. Click the link below for more info:


In winter 2023, the friends will be invited to come and plant their oaklings in Bear Wood.


This brand new pasture woodland is being created in a reclaimed scrubby/ rank long grass field contiguous to the older woods, and is intended to be a special place for wildlife and people for many years ahead.

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